Every SEBTS student who is interested in church planting should seek to be involved in an internship with a church plant or church planting church. Several options exist for internships:

1. MIS 5551 is a 10-13 week supervised field ministry experience or internship in church planting. This is a course for seminary credit done in the context of a church plant or church planting church. In addition, this class is one of three required courses that are necessary to apply for being appointed as a Nehemiah church Planting missionary. Also, it is one of the MDiv with NACP Track required courses.

2. Students taking the MDiv with NACP degree track have the option of taking two more internship courses for credit in completing the degree. See the MDiv with NACP Track options under the NACP Mission link.

3. If at all possible, students are strongly encouraged to plant their lives in local church plants or church planting churches while they are in seminary. Basically, this means students are being encouraged to find a place to serve as interns for 2-3 years where they can invest, develop, and be sent.

Here is a sample of a MIS 5551 Field Internship Syllabus (this syllabus is subject to change per Dr. Dodson’s discretion). [clear /]

basics | mission | send | pre-assessment | trips | internships