NACP Mission

NACP Mission

The mission of the North American Church Planting (NACP) process at SEBTS is to to advance the great commission through church planting. That mission is accomplished by training students to invade the lostness of North America through church plants/church planting churches, city mission trips, course content, and church planting research. Through engaging in this process, students will be equipped to plant new churches all over North America, especially in lesser reached areas such as northeastern US and southeastern Canada.

North America is a mission field. It is estimated that over 280 million lost people reside within the US & Canada. That would make the lost population of this mission field equivalent to being the fourth largest country on earth. Pray that God would raise up workers to SEND into the harvest field of North America.

NACP Track

This is the coursework involved in earning the degree MDiv with NACP from Southeastern Seminary (see link to document below). This degree track is overseen by Dr Mike Dodson, a Mobilization Missionary. He serves on the SEBTS campus as Professor of Church Planting and Associate Director of North American Missions in the CGCS (Center for Great Commission Studies).

To view the Master of Divinity in NACP, click here.

SEND North America @ SEBTS

This is the training, appointment, and support process for SENDing NACP missionaries through NAMB. It is intentionally designed to help prepare and resource church planters (and their teams) so they can be sent and supported in the church planting process.

A student can qualify themselves to apply for appointment as a Church Planting missionary without completing the MDiv with NACP. However, the MDiv with NACP is highly recommended for those students who desire to prepare themselves to be an effective church planter or church planting team member. It offers a significant level of flexibility, while providing focused training through internships and coursework. [clear /]

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